Wellington Insurance Group

A Sincere "Thank You" from Wellington

Since 2008, Wellington Premium Finance, Inc. offered Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) policyholders and agents a seamless and reliable means of financing TWIA policies through its premium finance facility.

While we are always ready and willing to meet the needs of all of our partners, the payment plans now offered by TWIA resulted in our decision to wind-up our premium finance offerings for TWIA policyholders. Thank you to all of our customers-policyholders and agents-and TWIA, all of whom trusted Wellington to service the needs of Texans.

While our TWIA premium finance facility will cease, our company will continue to explore financing opportunities as a new subsidiary of Truist Insurance Holdings, Inc. To our agents, please explore the Virtual Marketplace offered by our affiliate, Wellington Risk Insurance Agency, Inc., for all of your customers' residential property insurance needs (including, but not limited to, wind-only policies)!

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